Its awards weekend and we are so excited and extremely nervous of course, We are up for 2 awards. Phillippa as 'hair stylist' and the salon as 'hair salon'. WOW, we are so chuffed our hard work has been recognised by such a big award, we are so grateful for our clients. 

So, Sunday the 29th April 2018 we all head off to Leicester to get glammed up for the big night of the year. We arrive at our hotel all check in but we are all hungry so we head of into town to get some Lunch..McDonalds!! (big spenders over here :)) 

All feed and water we head back to start the start off the evening Hair and Makeup and getting glam. 

6Pm arrives so quickly we had 2 hours to get ready and we still rushing Girls hey !! 

A few minute walk to the venue and the nerves are kicking in now we say our name and we make our way in its so loud with everyone enjoying themselves we get in the que to have our Team photo taken as seen above. Unfortunately Sophie and Kellie couldn't make the night we truly missed them.


We all head to the bar to grab a drink to settle the nerves they then announce to all take to our table we had a look to see where we was table 20 !! is this going to be a winning table?? The night will tell!!

We had a great seat and could see all the stage which was great even had table service clicked a light and they come over to serve kool is that!!

They start with some entertainment which is amazing and then the awards start..AHHHHH.....

Hair stylist was one of the last one to be called before dinner.... all the finlaists names are being read name is said my nerves kick in im shaking will i hear my name or not..they then say everyone a drum roll please we all banging on the table.... THE WINNER OF HAIR STYLIST OF THE YEAR IS.........PHILLIPPA LEE!!

OMG.. i jump up our whole table erupts in tears and cheers i walk extremely quickly to the stage before i could even realise what i was about to have to do talk in front off over 600 people.. i get up and welcomed on stage to my trophy i hold in with a tight grip as i am shaking and do not want to drop it, i have a few photos taken and asked a few questions which i managed to answer with out making a mistake and saying something silly.haha!! 

We then enjoy a lovely dinner and we are all in shock still but we are ready for the next award.. we was the last again Unfortunately we didn't win this but we was happy and cheered them when they went up, 

That was all the awards over now to party and celebrate we danced the night away and had a great laugh as we always do. 

We walk back to our hotel in great spirits with our trophy in its box and kept safe. 

Next morning at breakfast was a great spirit a few sore heads but still laughing about the night before and chatting away about what a great night it was.

Photo below is Phillippa collecting her award. 

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